What's your System of Competitiveness?

If your company doesn't have one, you can't compete at market speed. To lead in today's market, organizations must be able to systematically execute on strategic objectives using processes that eliminate delays and dysfunction at every level. Want a high-performing organization? Increase Signal can show you how.

Introducing the AGILEV2 Framework

CFO's is your agile framework investment not delivering what it promised? Use the AGILEV2 Framework to lean out and simplify your existing framework, or use alone as the basis for a high-powered system of competitiveness for your organization. Click for more details.

Systems We Design and Support

Agile System of Transformation

We are experts at advising on and implementing your System of Transformation

System of Delivery

If you don't have a System of Delivery, or believe your system needs to be measured to identify inefficiencies, we can help you increase your signal and decrease your noise via a high-speed product delivery system

System of Alignment

Let us show you how your teams can eliminate duplicate efforts or competing for budget and resources

System of Autonomy

To eliminate delays, push the planning of the work closest to the people actually doing the work. Increase Signal can show you how autonomous teams can make that happen

System of Support

Increase Signal is here to help you succeed in every step of your journey to becoming a high-performing organization.

Our Practice Areas

Practice Offerings in Detail

To be competitive, make sure you understand the value, resources required, structure, and purpose of your delivery systems (Education), understand how to measure those systems for continuous improvement (Assessment and Measurement), what your support and services system can offer to make your execution successful (System Execution Services).

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In addition to offering SAFe certification courses (SA, POPM, SSM, SASM, SGP), Increase Signal has developed a course curriculum based on real experience and designed to fast-track your organization's lean-agile systems transformation. Click on any one of the following courses to see a full outline:

Leaders who participate in our Executive Leadership course will be entitled to a free seat in our remaining courses. We strongly encourage leaders to attend these additional seminars to develop a full understanding of business agility, the “system of competitiveness,” and the investment they will be managing in their organization’s Agile Transformation.

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Assessment and Measurement
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The only way to measure a system is to make it repeatable. For the agile organization to produce meaningful metrics from its System of Delivery, every alignment and autonomy effort identified in the repeating system must contribute to those metrics.

Drawing from extensive experience in gathering system metrics, our team at Increase Signal can help you identify inefficiencies, wait states, and team maturity, from Portfolio to Delivery level. Using the metrics data collected, we can then make recommendations on how to get your organization to a high-performing level.

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Systems Execution Services
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Increase Signal provides the services necessary for your organization to accelerate to competitive market speeds. Services include:

  • System of Transformation Organization, Metrics and Execution
  • Forming Teams and Transformation Steering Groups
  • Value Stream Identification and Mapping
  • Agile Framework Quickstarts
  • Conducting Program Increment Planning
  • Development of Organization Specific Certifications and Training Materials
  • Strategic Backlog Taxonomy Setup (TFS, Jira, Rally) from Investment to Portfolio to Product levels
  • Customized Organizational Assessments

Our Course Outlines

Competitiveness in the real world starts with proven guidance and education. Our course materials have been designed to incorporate best practices we have observed and coached as lean-agile systems consultants for organizations ranging from small product companies to mid-size companies to Fortune 10's. Seminars can be offered on-site with branded, customizable content (suitable for internal certification programs), according to an organization's needs. Check our calendar for publicly delivered seminars.

Organizational Agility for Executive Leadership
  • Core purpose of adopting a business agility strategy
  • Introduction to Agile Fundamentals
  • What success means for an agile organization
  • What a process workflow is with examples
  • What is “Systems Thinking” and how it can be modeled in your organization
  • What is a “Value Stream,” how to identify it, and why this is important for any organization
  • Understanding your Portfolio Backlog, and how to value it
  • How truly agile organizations can continually adjust their budget
  • Introduction to Agile Organizational Frameworks and Models, including SAFe , LeadingAgile, Spotify, Scrum@Scale
  • The role of metrics in your organizational “System of Competitiveness”
  • The Real World: Paying down Transformation Debt to maximize your System of Competitiveness
  • ...and more

This one-day seminar entitles each participant a free seat to other core trainings. We strongly encourage leaders to attend these additional seminars to develop a full understanding of business agility, the “system of competitiveness,” and the investment they will be managing in their organization’s Agile Transformation.

Agile Fundamentals and Processes for High Performing Teams
  • We Are Wired for Agility – Interactive Exercise
  • Understanding Agile Values and Goals
  • The Scrum Framework
  • Scrum Roles (Scrum Master, Product Owner, Team)
  • Scrum Artifacts (Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, Shippable Product)
  • Sprint Ceremonies and Execution
  • The Importance of Working Agreements
  • Scrum Patterns for Success
  • Understanding the Real Value of Velocity
  • Intro to Kanban Process and When to Use It
  • Kanban Roles (Board Administrator, Product Owner, Team)
  • Why Teams Should Know Both Processes
  • Team and Process Metrics: Know what to measure
  • Intro to Portfolio and Product Backlogs
  • Estimating Stories as a Survival Technique
  • Managing Technical Debt
  • Tricks for Continuous Improvement
  • ...and more

This customizable seminar can be delivered over two half-days or one full day.

The Product Owner Role in High Performing Value Streams
  • Introduction: Goals, Values, Principles and Expectations
  • Your relationship with the business customer
  • Getting to Ready: Planning, Estimating, and Trailblazing
  • How to build out a healthy backlog for a high-performing team
  • Modeling value streams and capturing productive workflows
  • Units of work in your backlog and how your value stream delivers them
  • Tricks to make your backlog tools (Rally, Jira, TFS) more useful
  • Intro to managing customer intake in your backlog
  • Intro to managing daily business items, expedites, and SLA items in your backlog
  • Prioritization Techniques
  • Understanding When Stories Meet the Definition of Ready
  • Why the PO owns the Definition of Done
  • Team and Process Metrics: Know what to measure
  • Interplay between DoR and DoD
  • Building Product Roadmaps and Release Plans
  • Managing Technical Debt
  • Understanding your team’s release burndown and burnup charts
  • ...and more

This is a half-day, customizable seminar. Agile Fundamentals is a pre-requisite for this course.

Managers as Coaches Training for the High Performing Agile Organization
  • Introduction: Goals, Values, Principles and Expectations
  • Developing the Coaching Roadmap
  • Understanding System of Transformation and System of Delivery
  • Getting to Ready: Planning, Estimating, and Trailblazing
  • Conducting Program Increment Planning and Rolling Wave Planning
  • Continuous Improvement: Measuring & Monitoring, Retro Assessment Toolkit, Warning Signs and Corrections
  • Forming Teams and Team Quick-Starts
  • Developing Coaching Resources and Circles of Excellence for your Organization

This is a half-day, customizable seminar. Agile Fundamentals is a pre-requisite for this course.

The AGILEV2 Framework

  CFO's are you not getting the agile transformation ROI you'd hoped for because your system of delivery is too fragile to scale to new challenges or adapt to your organization's needs in a timely fashion? It's because the framework you're using has lots of bells and whistles, but doesn't address the basic understanding of what a framework is supposed to do. Organizations just want a way to conduct an efficient conversation that may start out with a bunch of noise, but will eventually generate enough signal that can be executed on to create value. A good agile framework should facilitate this conversation in the simplest possible way, but allow complexity to be added only as needed and justified. Simple, powerful, yet easy to adopt and expand, the AGILEV2 Framework will help your organization advance beyond rudimentary agile checkbox adoption to competing at market speed in the quickest time possible. Contact for more details, and a free mini-seminar for your organization.  

The Increase Signal Team

  Whether your team is part of your system of delivery or system of support, to be a true asset expect that team to practice the agile values of trust, transparency, commitment, and continuous improvement. Your Increase Signal Support Team is dedicated to practicing agile values for the success of your organization.  

team member
James Smith
Systems Engineering Practice Lead, CEO

Over his 30 year career, James has had the opportunity to move from every aspect of software engineering to managing large, multi-million dollar projects and full organizational buildouts, to Fortune 10 lean-agile consulting. While his primary focus is your organization's system of competitiveness, James still contributes to codebases on a regular basis.


team member
Juhi Patra
Lean-Agile Systems Engineer

Juhi is a full stack agilist who has helped organizations inspect and adapt in their Agile and business transformation journey for the past 16 yrs. She has a unique way of establishing balance between inspiring people and providing them with pragmatic techniques to deliver value.  Juhi has been a change agent at various Fortune 50 clients - GE , Ford , IBM, Anthem being a few.


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